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” “What,” she whispers back fiercely, “tell me what you were going to say!!!” “Well,” he stammered, “I think I love you, I know it's incredible, but I feel I know you better than anyone I've ever met!!!” Tears welled up in her eyes, as she thought about what Dr . ” Still feeling the effects of having just sucked her nipple, she touched his arm and said quietly, “I'm not upset, John, but may I ask you a question?!?” “Sure,” he replied gratefully, “anything at all, shoot!!!” She thought carefully for a moment, but then asked, “When you were looking at me, did you like what you saw, or was it gross to you or upsetting to you!?!” “You're kidding, right,” he asked!?! “No,” she replied while shaking her head, “why would I be kidding?!?” “Well,” he stumbled while his cheeks turned crimson, “I mean, uh, you've got an unbelievable chest, and who wouldn't like to look at it!!!” “You really mean that,” she asked doubtfully?!? Giving her an unbelieving look he replied slowly, “Yeah, why, don't you think they look good?!?” “What I think is unimportant,” she answered quickly, “what I want to know is, what exactly do you think about my breasts!?!” “Jeesh, Carolyn,” he stammered, “I don't know, well, I just like'em that's all!!!” “But you haven't really even seen them,” she pressed on, “how can you be sure?!?” Now he was sure she was pulling his chain and he responded, “Come on now, you have one of the most fantastic sets of boobs I've ever seen, and just because I haven't gotten a guided tour doesn't mean I wouldn't want to have them!!!” Carolyn let that last sentence sink in and then asked, “John, would you like to do me a favor!?!”

Now sitting on the sofa, Carolyn turned to face John before slowly opening the front of her robe until her whole chest was exposed to his eyes! He gulped audibly and mumbled, “Sweet mary mother of god, I've never seen anything like it!!!” “Is that good or bad,” she asked seriously?!? “You've got to be kidding me,” he whispered with a now dry mouth, “is this a joke or what!?!” “It's no joke,” she responded, “do you really like them!?!” “May I touch them,” he asked, “why don't you let me show you?!?” It had been years since Carolyn had felt man's hand on her body, and just the mere touch of John on her breast sent a shiver through her body, that was palpable!!! Seeing her reaction, her coworker grew emboldened, and this time without asking, leaned over, took a hard nipple into his mouth, and then commenced sucking!!! “Ohhhhhhh,” she sighed, “that feels so good, and it's been so long!!!”

The fury growing between her legs was quickly reaching a fever pitch, so when she let her hand slide into John's crotch, she was overwhelmed when she encountered his already rock hard shaft! “Please,” she begged, “take it out for me, I have to see it right away!!!” John's head was already spinning, because for the past three years he had fantasized what Carolyn had looked like in the nude, and now he not only was getting a chance to see it for himself, she was also pleading with him to show her his cock!!! Not wanting to release the luscious nipple from his mouth, he struggled to undo his belt and zipper, but with a little patience he was able slide out of his pants and shorts!!! “M-my gosh,” she blubbered while taking him into her hand, “i-it's beautiful, oh, John, you have a lovely penis!!!” John groaned as his boss began sliding her warm hand up and down the length of his shaft, and just hearing her sweet voice talking about his “penis”, well, that was as much of a turn on as her hand!!!

Although the taste of her nipple was sweet, John had other ideas for the huge chest that jiggled sexily with each one of Carolyn's slightest movements! Letting the nipple slip from his mouth, he found her mouth and kissed her deeply, while she jealously held on to his thick manhood! He pulled away and whispered into her ear, “Have you ever had your tits fucked!?!” She moaned at hearing the crude question, but instead of being repulsed, she found herself replying hoarsely, “N-no I haven't, but if you want to
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” she said, I imagined how amazing it would be to hold their small bodies in my arms and move them in any position i wanted .

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Andrew climbs out of the van, looking around the busy street anxiously, “I want you to use that sexy ponytail of yours

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