Sis Loves Me – Kimmy Grang comes home from the bar and hits on her step brother (6 min) Kimmy Granger 720p HD


you waiting for something?” i say looking around and smiling

yankees2girl: i giggle and grab your hand and walk into the guy’s bathroom

fucinhigh08: i follow your lead into the bathroom watching your ass wiggle as you walk

yankees2girl: as we get in, right as the door closes i push you up against the wall and kiss you hard sliding my tongue into your mouth

fucinhigh08: i kiss you back hard grabbing your ass and lifting it up as i moan and slide my tongue in your mouth

yankees2girl: i grind my hips against the bulge in your jeans i reach down and grab your cock through your pants

fucinhigh08: we kiss hard as you grab my cock hard i start to lift your shirt over your head and grab and squeeze your huge tits “damn these things are fucking hot” i say between kisses

yankees2girl: i giggle as we kiss and start to unbutton your pants and unzip them “well thank you”

fucinhigh08: as you pull my rock hard cock out i moan and squeeze your tits harder with one hand i reach under your skirt and run your soaking wet pussy through your boy shorts

yankees2girl: i moan into your mouth and start rubbing your cock, i break the kiss and stare into your eyes and down to your cock and then back up to your eyes smiling

fucinhigh08: i grab your pussy hard and squeeze, “you want that in your mouth” i say staring at you as you smile at me

yankees2girl: i drop to my knees with your cock still in my hands “no, i want it down my throat”

fucinhigh08: “mmmmm” just as you finish saying throat i moan and grab the back of your head and push it to my cock

yankees2girl: i open my mouth and my hands rest on your thighs as i feel your cock slide to the back of my throat as i cough lightly on it

fucinhigh08: as you cough i slowly slide it all the way in grinding my hips as i push it deep into your throat as you gag

yankees2girl: i choke on your cock hard as i feel my nose pushed against your stomach

fucinhigh08: mmmmmm
fucinhigh08: i hold your head deep rubbing your face on my stomach as you choke
fucinhigh08: grabbing a handful of hair i slam your face into my stomach deeper

yankees2girl: i cough hard and gag hard as you slam me into you screaming slightly from shock
yankees2girl: i start turning red but i can’t help but slide a finger under my skirt and start rubbing
my pussy

fucinhigh08: as you gasp for air i thrust my hips forward making you gag harder and start to drool
fucinhigh08: i pull out my cock and walk around and spin you so your back is to the wall and i put
your head against the wall and slide my cock back in your throat

yankees2girl: i choke hard on your cock as you slam back into me bumping my head against the wall

fucinhigh08: i start fucking your throat like it’s a pussy slamming hard back and forth as you smack your head on the wall n gag hard

yankees2girl: i gag hard turning red as i moan loud . winking at you as i leave

fucinhigh08: i wait a few minuets after you leave and ask if i can go
fucinhigh08: as i walk out i see you by the bathrooms leaning against the wall

yankees2girl: i smile as i see you and check you out as you walk towards me

fucinhigh08: looking you up and down i walk up to you “well nice meeting YOU here
Sis Loves Me - Kimmy Grang comes home from the bar and hits on her step brother (6 min) 1

Periscope Sis Loves Me – Kimmy Grang comes home from the bar and hits on her step brother (6 min)

' and trail off
You say 'its okay, I’m on birth control'
My mind eased I get on the bed and straddle in-between your legs which you’ve now raised up, feet on the bed, as I position myself between your legs
You grab a pillow and throw it under your ass and hips, lifting you up, my hard cock bouncing as I move forward
I see your pussy, engorged, lips spread wide, you’re vaginal opening exposed to me
And I think 'this is it, I’m going to actually fuck my little sister'
You say 'please, fuck me, .

Sis Loves Me - Kimmy Grang comes home from the bar and hits on her step brother (6 min) 2

Sex Pussy Sis Loves Me – Kimmy Grang comes home from the bar and hits on her step brother (6 min) Korean

She had to have seen the tent I was making with my constant erections, Click here. God she was trying to kill me as my erection grew again tenting the covers

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